Calgary Branch :: Welcome!

Welcome to the Calgary Branch of the Navy League of Canada!

The Navy League of Canada – Calgary Branch is a not for profit organization, which help various organizations to reach out to today’s children. They are teaching youths, as young as 9 until the age of 18, about citizenship, respect for self and others, and they learn the skills and traditions used for centuries in the naval community in a safe educational environment.  We are a community of learners, comprised of children, and adults who serve to support, engage, and nurture young minds.  We are critical thinkers, investigators, creators, problem solvers, peacemakers, and knowledge seekers.  Together, we explore our interests, connections, and the world, through acts of inquiry, curiosity, and respect.


The Calgary Branch supports NLCC Captain Jackson for cadets aged 9-12 years old and RCSCC Undaunted for cadets aged 12-18 years old.  Please feel free to come out to have an introduction for you and your children on the following dates below:

  • Captain Jackson will start sign ups and meet and greets on September the 14th, 2017 and most Thursdays after this.
  • Undaunted will start sign ups and meet and greets on September the 11th, 2017 and most Tuesdays after this.